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Victory for the Ashton Vale Suffragettes in Bristol

A member of the community put a notice on the two bus stops on the estate calling a meeting to protest about proposed changes in the bus service - this was in 2021
A group was formed who later became the Ashton Vale Suffragettes
They organised meetings with the Council, the local Mayor and the Regional Mayor as well as the bus company to try to find out what the reasons were behind proposed changes and what could be done to improve matters.
The group didn't get the kind of hearing they expected and they joined with other groups involved in local bus campaigns. They joined in with national Reclaim our Buses protests.
They had a sit in.
They designed a poster, a leaflet, sent letters and carried out the walk of shame bringing everyone along to demonstrate how difficult it was for residents to walk the distance to the nearest bus route. A film was made of the walk and the women engaged with local reporters and BBC and independent tv crews to get their points across.
Most importantly, they supported each other.

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Grandparent Climate Action Durham

I have been concerned about Climate Change for a long time, and wondered how to talk about it to my grandchildren without worrying them. I decided that I wouldn’t talk to them until they asked me questions about it as I wanted them to enjoy life and appreciate the world while they were young. However, I also wanted to try and ‘do my bit’ to make our government and world leaders wake up and do something about a rapidly increasing crisis. I found other grandparents who felt the same, and, being aware of Greta Thunberg and the student protestors, we decided we had to do something too. It was our generation who had caused the problem, and the young people were having to deal with it.

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The Curse of Compassionate AGEISM

Using LLARC's, contacts across Social Media and gerontological/ Care Networks to confront all ageist narratives and practices, but especially highlighting Compassionate Ageism, which underpins much of our responses to older adults.

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