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Training & information

Platform60 grew out of a research project which explored learning opportunities for older activists. The findings of that report was that there was very little learning available which was specifically aimed at older people.

The research also identified that the needs of older activists differed and different approaches to learning is also helpful. One of the comments made was that the depth of much of the training experienced was too basic and was not useful – doing no more than confirming what was already known.

Our pages mirror many of the methods respondents said they found most helpful, the experiences shared are real experiences with real learning being demonstrated.

A benefit of being an older activist is that we have a lifetime of experience and skills to draw on and apply in achieving our aims. Sometimes though our valuable experience has gaps or maybe technology has moved forward.

We recommend reading our snapshots of learning and considering

  • whether the situation described is in any way similar to your own?
  • was there anything in the experience that you could use to promote your own cause?
  • what would you have done using your own skill set?
  • what ideas can you apply to your own situation?

It would be a huge mistake to underestimate the level of professionalism we want to bring to our projects, just because we don’t get paid for our efforts does not mean we are not ambitious in what we want to do and how we want to do it.

Below is a selection of useful training links from across the web, but do check our snapshots of learning for more tailored offerings.

Resource centre

The Resource Centre has a lot of resources and worth a look for any new group.

Visit website

Legal structures for community groups

A simple explanation of different types of not-for-profit organisation, and what to consider when choosing a legal structure.

Visit website

Third Sector Protect

How to set up a group successfully.

Visit website

Step by step group guide

A pdf with information about setting up a new group

Download PDF

Activist handbook

Information site with links to a range of organisations offering training

Visit website


A range of different topics from Excel (Computer) to Creative Problem Solving

Visit website

thinking, doing, changing

Website outlining a range of training on offer from a host of different organisations.

Visit website

Sheila McKechnie Foundation

There is a huge range of training on offer with a pricing structure based on the organisation you represent, grassroots organisations fees agreed by discussion.

Visit website


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