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About us

Platform60 exists to challenge how older people are seen. We recognise that as we get older the barriers and blocks to getting our voice heard can become more difficult and harder to overcome.


Platform60 developed from a peer learning group which, in turn, evolved from research carried out by the Tudor Trust. The research considered what learning existed for older people who wanted to make a difference in their local communities, regionally and nationally. The research found there was very little in the way of learning and development opportunities specifically for older people and that traditional methods did not necessarily assist and did little to meet the needs of older activists and campaigners.

The research surveyed a number of older volunteers and from this a group formed to share learning and help develop a training programme specifically aimed at addressing the identified lack of provision.

As a group we found the sharing of ideas, stories, key highlight and lowlights really useful and very much wanted to continue the work of the group but also grow it amongst activists and campaigners, wherever they may be and whatever might be wishing to change. From this Platform60 was born.

From the group a steering group was formed. The Tudor Trust was incredibly helpful and supported the steering group with operational funds and practical help to kick start the initiative.

So, what is Platform60 about?

We want Platform60 to actively show older people as they really are, passionate about the causes that drive them, skilled in life and brimming with a lifetime of experience, courageous, brave and well able to challenge the status quo.


We are all older campaigners or activists and we come from a range of different organisations, some wholly voluntary and some with paid staff. Our activities are diverse as is our experience and geographical locations. Platform60 has been developed and run by older people for older people.

We have said Platform60 is a place to discuss, let off steam, learn, generate ideas, sound off, sound out and shout about your successes, what on earth do we mean by this?

Where is Platform60 going?

We see Platform60 becoming the place to go for ideas, a resource for solving a problem facing you as you make things happen in your area or for the world as a whole. A place to talk through ideas, to see what others might have done in the past or are doing now and a place to celebrate your successes be they large or small. All in all, a tool to help you do what you want to do in a better way.

The future you are working towards may be huge – international or very local to you, your activities can be long term or short, they may involve millions of people or just a handful.

We may not wholly agree with your aims or even how you go about it but the experience you bring to the table is as valued as those whose efforts we completely identify with. Rather than turning our backs on individuals and their causes we seek to open dialogue and develop understanding of different points of view. Saying this, we will not tolerate personal attacks or conversations based on hate and misinformation.

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