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Collective Action

The power of a group of well organised people focused on a shared aim is always stronger than individuals working alone. A group offers the opportunity to draw upon a range of strengths, ideas, experience and skills and is able to make a stronger impression and generally have a better chance of being noticed.

Through the ages there have been excellent examples of collective action – Trades Unions, slave abolitionists, Suffragettes, CND, Greenpeace to name just a few. Many movements are now a part of modern life and all have played their part in changing the world.

Each cause, be it international or local, has an underlying message – that people are important, their views, their hopes and their concerns should be taken into account by decision makers in the world.

Our Snapshots of Learning are examples of Collective Action which illustrate how people can work together to bring about change.  Add your Snapshot of Learning today!

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