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Snapshots of learning

The Curse of Compassionate AGEISM

Using LLARC's, contacts across Social Media and gerontological/ Care Networks to confront all ageist narratives and practices, but especially highlighting Compassionate Ageism, which underpins much of our responses to older adults.


Tackling ageism – one step at a time

I am taking action as an individual and with others to take every opportunity to shine a light on the detrimental effects of ageism.


Getting to the heart of things

Many councils are keen to include representatives of people with protected characteristics (in law) in decisions and day to day practice. Devon County Council is very well organised in this respect and have a formal process to recruit to their Equality Reference Group (ERG). This group works with various council committees and considers the day to day work of the council, looking at policies and processes. This helps the council ensure underrepresented views are heard by decision makers and that policies and practices make services available to all.

To ensure a fair recruitment takes place the council adopts its tendering process, this may seem quite daunting but taken a step at a time it is quite a straightforward if bureaucratic exercise. This snapshot explains the processes Fawcett Devon went through to be selected as a member of the current ERG. The benefits were that the group's views are heard in the heart of local decision making and the group receives a fee for providing this service.


Making Experience Count

This is a posthumous example that demonstrates change can be generated simply by sharing experience - something we all have in common. Sadly the activist Leticia is no longer with us but her contributions live on.

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